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Mediation Lawyer Oakville ON

Ronald van der Steen is sensitive to the high costs of litigation with respect to resolving disputes, not to mention the costs in time and emotion particularly in family disputes.

Mediation is a process where a third party facilitator assists the parties at arriving at their own resolution or settlement.  The third party facilitator (the “mediator”) cannot impose a resolution on the parties or make decisions that are binding the mediator only serves to bring the parties closer together by finding common ground and making suggestions that will help the parties come to a resolution.

The parties can attend mediation with a lawyer should they chose to do so as the mediator cannot give legal advise.  They will be asked to sign an agreement with the mediator regarding the process and the fees each party will pay to the mediator.  In the event the parties arrive at a settlement the mediator can draft the agreement and each party reviews it with their lawyer to make it binding in family cases in commercial matters this is not required.

“Open” versus “Closed” mediation

In closed mediation anything said or disclosed to the parties is made “without prejudice” which means anything the parties say cannot be used in court if they do not settle nor can the mediator be required to attend court or produce any notes or records he or she may have made or received for the parties.  In open mediation the mediator can be subpoenaed to attend court and disclose what he or she learned from the parties at the mediation.

Ronald van der Steen charges $200 per hour for mediation services.  Refreshments are provided free of charge.


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